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I just remembered that I have a livejournal app on my iPhone. I'm about to go to some studying brush up with Derek. Block II of nursing school will start kicking my ass on the 24th of this month. I've been to Cali about six times since the end of block I so I'd say it's a chill summer =) also I absolutely adore those frozen yogurt bars!!!

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happy memorial day!!!!

 i'm posting haha ... and not from my iPhone for a change
I'm getting ready to take the harley up to cave creek to do some prep stuff for house sitting again this summer. And then I gotta book it down across the valley for the No Doubt concert tonight ... I'm pretty excited ... some people from my softball team are going as well and my friend Simeon. Tomorrow I think I'm going tubing down the salt river with softball friends .... monday I'm working tim-and-a-half.

<3 and miss you guys

May. 17th, 2009

Guys will tend to go for the girls that can be a passanger on their motorcycle ...

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random study post

 so i'm in the middle of doing an online case study ... maybe i'm delirious b/c lack of sleep but i though this was hilarious

25. what should the nurse do to provide for Mr. Matthew's spiritual needs?
A) Call a chaplain for Mr. Matthew to talk about spiritual matters.
B) Place a sign on the door to allow Mr. Matthew some quiet time in the mornings.
C) Tell Mr. Matthew this his spirituality is impressive.
D0 say, "Awesome, Dude. that is neat."

Today I'm a bum

Sweats, big Harley t-shirt, thermal, sneakers, hat because I didn't want to worry about my hair, blahhh but I was on time for class and yesterday derek was a bum but we got studying done!! Haha we also watched Friday the 13th went to ihop and played guitars.... Goodtimes I'm happy I got cancelled yesterday.

I worked all weekend got to hang with my coworker after work on Sunday ... Reregistered my Harley on Saturday and swung by a party at carmens with brandon and his girlfriend....

School is going really well ...

As usual more later! Haha

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Jan. 30th, 2009

So last Friday my paycheck got screwed up and my Pto wasn't put in. I got this resolved and work cut me a separate check quick was in paper form not direct deposit. So I had to go into the bank which haven't done in about a year I ended up leaving the first bank and went to another where the teller helped me and yards yadda. He was kinda a younger guy and and such.

Well I'm in class right now and got a missed call from a local number so I called and it was my bank. I was thinking something was wrong with my account but she didn't recognize my name and nobody there has claimed to have dialed my number. Before I hung up I asked what location it was haha suprise surprise .... So it was probably him but no voicemail was left. I have a bay area area code though and this an Arizona business ... Weird the person totally meant to call me

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Wasted Saturday

So I'm in class right which I had to scramble to get someone to cover my work shift and I have yet to learn anything. I'm quite irritated ... I need to start learning new things and being challenged or else my bad student attitude will get worse. GRRR haha everone is doing homework reading blah blah such a waste of a Saturday and class time.

Yesterday was pay day and my check got screwed up =( I'm missing half of my paycheck because they failed to input my PTO when I was in Cali. Hopefully corporate figures it out and the rest of my paycheck will be in my account Monday.

My moms neck has been super whack ever since I got back from the bay area. She went to the ER three times last week for the pain ... They've done nerve tests and she has to wait hella days for an MRI. So of course she isn't going to work ...

I finally got to see Candace yesterday =) and I bought some cool stationery 70% off at papyrus

More later

Hi Amanda! Glad to finally meet yah haha

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Nursing school

Sad to say but a little dull at this point ... I know it will pick up but shit right now it's a drag.

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**Ice Skating** TODAY in fremont

hey cali people
come out this afternnoon

bring friends lovers and family
we had a blast last year

Sharks Ice At Fremont
44388 Old Warm Springs Blvd.
Fremont, California 94538

call me (510) 258-1646

p.s. I swear this is my last post about it till next year haha